Fashion Business Branding Course

Discover how to position your fashion business for the international market

Learn how to attract the right customers without wasting time and money on the wrong things.

What You'll Learn

Attract Right customers

Learn how to attract, connect and retain customers so you can sell them more of what they want.

Build Strong Brand

Learn how to build a strong fashion brand that generate more income and command international recognition.

Effective Brand Positioning

Learn how to position your fashion business for the international market while staying true to your brand.

Winning Marketing Strategy

Learn how to tell your brand's story effectively in a way that gain customer confidence, build relationships and skyrocket your sales.


When you enroll in the Fashion Branding Course, you will get 100% online access to training videos, downloadable PDF, and a learning community that will help you achieve the following:

Clean Up your brand

The best fashion brands are characterized by certain principles that make their fashion brand authentic and sustainable. You will learn about how to become familiar with the greater motivation of your fashion business and reconnect with your brand’s purpose, vision and mission.

Connect with your audience

Your audience is your target market or customers. Ultimate business power lies in the hands of your buyers. As a fashion brand, it is essential to look at your products through the eyes of the customers. To become an international brand, a fashion business owner need to remove misconceptions, eliminate stereotypes and assumptions. This course will show you how to do that and help you stop treating your customers as one size fit all.

Clarify your message

Great fashion brands tell a story of how the product or service helps the customers realize their potential. This course will teach you how to tell a compelling story that fits the experience your customer desire. This will help your fashion brand get noticed and your product bought more.

Create your visual identity

Brand identity expresses your brand visually and verbally. It supports, expresses, communicates, synthesizes the brand. We will cover topics like logos, colors, and fonts that go with your brand name, tone and personality.

Conveying your message

Every successful brand has a strategy. Now that you've built your brand's foundation and walls, you can start to customize and create an effective strategy that will help market your brand’s collection. We will guide you through the process creating a platform that bring your fashion product to the international marketplace.

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Frequently asked questions

This course is designed for emerging designers and entrepreneurs who are just starting or THINKING about starting a ready to wear fashion business. This course will also help established designers that need to position their brands for international market.

If you enjoy what you do and want to make a real business from your innovative idea or solution, this course is for you.
This course is designed for those that want to develop their fashion business quickly without wasting time, money and resources on the wrong things.

Do you want to have full creative freedom to design and a run a clothing business on your own terms?
Do you struggle and need guidance to map out how to build a strong fashion brand?
Do you want to fully know your target customer and winning them over to make sales?
Do you struggle to create a compelling brand story that connects to your customers on a deeper level?
Are you ready to position your fashion business brand for the international market, but don’t know what steps are the correct steps to take and in what order?
If you answer yes to any of the above questions,  then this course is for you.
We’ve got you covered!

Unlike a lot of other fashion business course out there, this course is specifically for you if your biggest challenge is:

• You Need Guidance:

You’re excited and serious about your fashion business and you are extremely interested in building a strong fashion brand that can generate much income. But, right now you need some guidance on how to go about it.

• Attracting the right target customers:

You are looking to learn how to attract, connect and retain customers so you can sell them more of what they want.

• Effective Brand positioning:
You want to discover what it takes to stay true to your fashion brand while meeting your audience where they are as you position your fashion business for the international market.

• Marketing Strategy:
You know you have a great product that has a great message but you don’t know how to tell your brand’s story effectively in a way that gain customer confidence, build relationships and skyrocket your sales.

• To Stop the overwhelm:
It is difficult to know where to begin, or what to do first. This has caused some tension and stress in your life and often demands that you work long hours trying desperately to figure out the right and effective way of doing things.

You will have access right away after you have received your welcome email from us.

Not at all. You will be guided step by step. If you have any questions, we will be here to help you. As long as you are hungry to learn, you’ll do fine!

At the moment, there is more free information available than ever before.

You can be Googling and YouTubing till your eyes bleed, but it won’t matter. You don’t know what you don’t know, meaning if you have no idea what’s important to know and what doesn’t matter, you could spend months googling and doing the wrong things in the wrong way, in the wrong order, losing tons of time and most probably money.

It’s not about having access to as much information as possible, it’s about having access to a structured framework, a proven process, so you can work on what matters, in the right order. You also want to learn the “ins” of this industry so you can avoid costly and timely mistakes.

Great, we are here to help answer them. Please email us at :

Customers reviews

I knew about niche carving before taking this course but didn't know how to go about it. My encounter with 21st branding changed it all for me. I am now more intentional about my brand purpose and how it can attract customers who yearn for the solution my brand is offering. The course is awesomely packaged and gave me a step by step guide on how to become my ideal brand and the best part is I got to work one-on-one with the coach to achieve the desired results.
Elege Black Brand
My experience in this program can be describe as a compass to a lost soul in the world of fashion business. I was at the verge of giving up on the business and throw the vision and mission away when I came across Coach Tosin. She reshape my focus and redefined my mission. She gave my vision clarity and make fashion business desirable again. The teaching experience was that of a coach and not a tutor. Every lesson came with applicable examples we can relate with. I bless the day I met you.
Oloore Fashion
My experience in this program has been awesome, enlightening, and confidence building. The program gives me all I need to re-brand my brand. My brand message is more definite and now know what to say when talking about my brand.
Witty House

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