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How To Build, Establish & Improve Brand Recognition

Brands are nothing without the customers. Customers are the focus of every successful brand. It’s important to find new ways to grab their attention and build long-term relationships for your mutual benefit. In other words, you must seek new ways to improve your brand recognition among your customers.

You want consumers to be able to recognize your brand either through a brand logo or brand name without much introduction. Finding ways to increase brand awareness and recognition is critical as it determines the success or failure of your brand.

Here are some marketing tips that will help in promoting your brand awareness and recognition.

1. Be consistent with your Brand Logo when Marketing

Although brand recognition is not all about logos or photos yet they are tools that aid awareness and recall. Successful brands have logos that are easy to remember and stand out. Think about successful brands like Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and so on.

When you call them, their logos show up in your memory. That is how important logos can be to brand awareness and recognition. It is also best to limit your logo to two colors as multiple colors might not stick as easily in a consumer’s mind.

Recent research on relationships of colors with logos indicated that color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. All in all, ensure you choose trendy but unique colors to have a lasting effect on all consumers, whether young or old.

2. Offer Samples and Free Trials

brand recognition with free samples  ‘Free’ is the most powerful word in any language. Advertising-free products is a great way to get ‘eyeballs’ on your site. They might not know or like the brand, but as long as a product is free, they’re willing to try it out. A 2016 study conducted by YA Engage on this subject reveals the power of samples and free trials.

The study revealed that 92% of consumers will try a product sample, 53% bought the sample they tried, 42% have switched brands because they liked the product sample and 77% said that receiving a product sample would motivate them to try another from that brand.

3. Send Strategic Messages

Every communication, advertising materials, blog content, and social media post should represent the core values of your brand. For instance, you can have a special hashtag solely for your brand for every social media post. It is a strategy that makes it easier for your consumers to recognize your brand when they come across it.

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4. Focus on Value-Driven Content

brand recognition with great contentEven if you have a million consumers already following your brand, you need to retain their attention. Take time to educate your customers with all the information they need to know about your product.

People will most likely make purchases when all their questions about a product are answered. Also, supply useful information about other things on your social media pages and website. When your social media account is dominated by self-promotion, consumers may unfollow your brands.

5. Use Open Communication to Build Trust


 Trust is about keeping your promise or delivering service. It takes a long time to build brand trust but a little mistake can ruin it in a short time.

Warren Buffet puts it this way, ‘’It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.’’

Clients want to know when things go wrong. Keeping customers informed when things go wrong can prevent a slipup from becoming a trust-eroding PR disaster.


6. Maximize the Power of Referrals

In this age of social media marketing, one of the most potent tools in promoting your brand awareness and recognition is through referrals.

Never underestimate the power of mouth-to-mouth (M2M) referrals in marketing. M2M referrals are free and can travel faster than other methods of advertising.


Work on your brand customer’s relationship, and you will enjoy the benefits of an amazing brand recognition strategy.

Your brand is strong when it has become a household name among the consumers in the categories to which it belongs. Following some of the tips above could help you dominate your niche and improve brand recognition within your targeted market.

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7. Develop A Brand Voice 
Developing a brand voice will help create an image of your brand in the minds of consumers. Your brand voice can be anything from funny, to smart, to emotional- just ensure that it represents your brand.
Creating a brand-specific voice makes your brand unique and memorable. It will go a long way in improving your brand recognition.

8. Participate In Brand Partnership
While you make efforts to improve your brand’s recognition, there are also some brands making similar efforts with you. Connecting with such brands increases your chances of being seen.
This builds trust among your audiences especially if they are both brands with good reputations. Together, the brands could also create contents that will improve brand recognition for both partners.

9. Increase Your Social Media Presence Organically

To improve brand recognition, one of your major focus points should be on generating an audience from organic social media. If you create content that you believe is worthy of being shared among people, then encourage your audience to share, re-post, or tag your content. This is a sure way to get your content to reach people that have not yet heard of you.
But, it all bores down to creating high-quality content.

10. Use User-Intent Related Keywords to Boost Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important part of every brand that uses content to reach its audience. SEO gets your content seen by search engines and exposes your brand online. Although the strategies to be implemented in order to rank well might seem daunting, it is simple.

Here is how your increase your brand recognition through SEO:
• Make a research on content that is related to your niche. Ensure they are words that target the audiences that are looking for your brand. Focus on including informational keywords into your content to increase brand recognition. You can use tools like SEMrush and Moz Keyword Researcher to get the important keywords that are related to your brand.

• After the above-mentioned tip, create contents that revolve around these keywords. Let your topics revolve around the important keywords. A good way to sort this is by using a cluster model.

• Use your keywords in the headline, body, and image title of your post. This will make it easier for your content to be picked by Google. Do not over-optimize with those keywords, you might get yourself penalized.

That’s it on how to improve brand recognition for your business. The truth? Establishing and improving your brand’s recognition does not happen overnight or even in a few months. You have to put in the practical and hard work needed to achieve it. As a start-up or an entrepreneur, you need to see it as an ongoing effort.

However, the results are very worth it.

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