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Marketing Your Fashion Brand: 15 Key Social Media Ideas To Get Results

                     Marketing Your Fashion Brand On Social Media

When it comes to marketing your fashion brand, social media is the best platform. Incorporating social media strategies into your fashion business has is a basic need for you as an entrepreneur of a fashion brand. 

Social media have become the major medium between brands and customers. As social media become more saturated, brands are struggling to stand out among many others. In a crowded online fashion market, the best way to set your mark is to start using the right ideas for marketing your fashion brand. 

When appropriately done, fashion digital marketing gets your product in front of your ideal consumers. Digital marketing has a tremendous impact it makes on sales and brand recognition. Due to its global reach and effectiveness, digital marketing is the next step for your business. 

Although, the fashion industry is highly competitive and crowded, there are numerous digital marketing strategies that you can incorporate into your fashion store to maximize profitability.

With the prevalence of e-commerce, fashion brands are not just competing for sales, they are competing for clicks from customers too, and these can be achieved by learning how to use social media to promoting and marketing your fashion brand.

15 Creative Ideas On Marketing Your Fashion Brand On Social Media

The following are easier, proven, and effective creative ideas you can use for marketing your fashion brand on social media if you really want to get good results on your marketing efforts:

1. Automate Your Social Media

Plan out your posts ahead of time to make automating your content easy work. As a business owner, there might not be enough time to focus on social media, your best bet is automating your content.

fashion brand marketingOn a day you feel creative, brainstorm ideas from the social media content, and create the contents at once.  Make plans on quality content, edit what you want to post, plan when to upload, and schedule the posts for uploads by using a media scheduling tool to automate posting. 

Check out these social media post automating tools to see the one that suits you best. 

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2. Set Strategies Seasonally

Set seasonal marketing themes for your brand by selecting a new business goal or using different marketing themes each new season.

You can simply give your social media accounts different look each season by changing the color design of your posts.  An example is happy colors by summer and moody ones by winter. 

3. Retarget Visitors

Target your social media page visitors to remind them of the products they saw earlier. An instance is when the visitors don’t revisit your website for a period of time, you can make a deal with them by offering discounts. You can as well retarget people who add things to their cart but later ditch it. This would increase turnover.

Most people are not willing to buy your product upon seeing it once in an ad or visiting your website. With retargeting, you can reach the same people who once thought about your product. You can create custom audiences with Facebook, and target lookalike audiences to expand your reach. 

4. Style Guides

style guide on social media marketing for your fashion brand

If the brand product you are offering includes different clothing accessories, you can simply create style guides on the website. Subscribers and visitors can visualize the combinations to get an idea of how to combine their clothing items. It could also be termed a marketing strategy. 

Do not be limited to just one guide. Create styles based on occasions (party, wedding, picnic), season (summer, winter, fall, spring), and current themes such as travel, beach, or weekend. It could be a special section on your page, incorporate telling stories with the style guide to amuse your customers.  

5. Work with Influencers When Marketing Your Fashion Brand

Influencers also act as conduits between brand and their consumers. To cater to your target market properly, working influencers will really increase your sales. Your products are advertised with influencers such as vloggers, or bloggers who have a large following.

How to work with influencers to market your fashion brand

They can really increase your sales by recommending or reviewing your products. Work with popular fashion bloggers and vloggers with dedicated followers who will be interested in your brand. They can have a huge impact on your product when they wear your products, review, or mention. 

6. Engage with Your Audience

Constantly engage with your audience to build loyalty for your brand. This will build awareness about your brand and improve customer’s perception of your brand. The best way to establish engagement is to come up with campaigns that revolve around your audience.

An instance is running contests that emphasize the values between yourself and your customers on Instagram and Facebook.

get more engagement on social media

Get your audience to create a community around your brand. You could run a contest on Facebook and Instagram where you ask your followers to share a photo of something revolving around your brand. Incorporate shared photos into your websites or homepage. 

7. Giveaways on Instagram Is Good For Marketing Your Fashion Brand

Conduct giveaways for a top-selling item, but strictly has to be on Instagram. Make your followers comment on why they want the item and refer people who would also be interested.

You can conduct giveaways every alternate month or on a monthly basis, offering new items for each giveaway. giveaway for fashion brand

Use hashtags that are specially created for the giveaway, and ones that can help users easily keep track of the competition. Running contests will increase your brand awareness and followers.  

8. Great Visuals

Having good visuals is important for selling products online, especially fashion and clothing brands. Customers imagine how the product will look on them before your products arrive, therefore, it is best to post very good pictures that they can resonate well with. Custom photography might offer added expenses, but it will offer big value leading to more purchases. 

9. A Great Internal Search Tool

Create an internal search tool that helps customers locate what they want within your store. Whether it is online or in a retail store, customers leave if they can’t find their preferred color, size, or style. That s why the internal search is important to easily help them find what they want, hence, making a big difference in your sales figure. 

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10. Targeted Search and Social Advertising

Every business needs customers, and the best platform for attracting buyers remains Google. Social media platforms are also important to fashion retailers, and they can easily share photos, online coupons, and reviews. Therefore, the benefit of targeted search and social media advertising cannot be underestimated in your marketing process.

11. Reviews from Real Customers

People have had the experience of buying things online and regretting them. They are ultimately regarded as “What I ordered vs What I Got” by unsatisfied customers.

Through that process, customers look out for reviews from other customers before they put faith in a brand. Hence, posting customer feedback on your pages will generate more confidence for your brand. To get those shoppers to become customers, encourage them to drop reviews.

12. Buyer Safety Guarantees

Speaking of trust, it will be quite unsettling to enter your credit card number to an unknown website.

Offering money-back guarantees is a good way to calm your customers’ minds speaking of confidence, it can be a bit unsettling to enter your credit card number onto an unknown website for the first time. A good way to calm your customers’ minds and doubts. Offering trust gives your customer one reason less not to patronize you. 

13. Create gift guides year-round for your ideal buyer’s life events to inspire them to buy.

Depending on the type of e-commerce store you own and your buyers, you can create gift guides for each life occasion. People buy gifts year-round to promote their products. Create gift guides for Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Weddings, Valentine’s Day, Baby Showers, etc. 

gift guide for fashion brands

Gift guides should be available on your website and can be sent in target emails to your customers. The gift guides are collections of your products that fit into a specific category of gifting. 

For example, you could promote matching couple’s outfits for Valentine’s day, women’s shirts for Mother’s Day, or men’s shirts for Father’s Day. It will encourage your customers to make purchases from you all year round. 

Another example is telling mothers to share pictures of their old wears and the person with the best picture wins the contest.

14. Do a Competitive Analysis

You are missing out if you don’t keep tabs on what your competitors are doing. This is a great chance to learn what your competitors are doing well on social media and gain ideas on improvement. Find out their strengths and weaknesses. Make plans on changes you want to implement for your own social media. 

15. Remember (and learn) customers’ birthdays to build brand loyalty.

Wish your customers a happy birthday through snail mails- “Happy Birthday Claire. Here’s our birthday wish! Enjoy!” This will reinforce brand awareness and loyalty. Tie your snail mail activities to digital so you can be aware of your efforts are working. 

Speaking of mails, people love getting mails, and it means you are taking steps to promote your brand. You might occasionally send snail mail blasts to inform them of an upcoming sale or debut a new clothing line. You can include a code specific to each customer so you can monitor their activities. 

Marketing Your Fashion Brand – Conclusion

Utilizing social media for your brand can open new paths that fit you best. If you want to succeed in the game, you have to learn how to use social media to market your fashion brand. Learning how will teach you how to choose the right platforms and plan a tailored social media marketing strategy.

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