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Fashion Social Media Toolkit: Access To Unique DFY Captions & Designs

What’s The Fashion Social Media Toolkit?

Do you already have a Fashion Social Media Toolkit for your fashion business or are you still working with generic social media captions? There are lots of social media toolkits but none is exclusively tailored to the fashion industry. You want to write catchy captions on Instagram but most times, you realize that creating engaging social media captions for your fashion business isn’t always as simple as it seems.

So have you really been intentional with your social media posts or do you just do it for the sake of it?

Social Media And The Fashion Industry 

Social Media is a very broad subject especially when you are focused on fashion. It is now the cornerstone of most of the marketing strategies of most fashion brands. Smart business owners in the fashion industry recognize and understand just how prevalent social media have become in the lives of their customers.

As of 2019, there were 3.48 billion users on these social media platforms and an average social media user spends more than 2 hours a day scrolling different platforms. This is more than enough time for fashion designers to not only get your business in front of the eyes of potential customers but to as well spread your brand’s message.

The role that social media play in the fashion industry is now stronger than ever and it’s become more important for business owners to take advantage of popular platforms so as to rise above the noise. As important as it is to the fashion industry, most fashion designers don’t know how to create a strong social media presence for their businesses.

While social media marketing sounds like a simple term, it encompasses a lot of things because it determines:

  • How your following is built
  • How relationships are created between you and your customers
  • The growth of your business

This is why you need a tool like the Fashion Social Media Marketing Toolkit to overcome the most common challenges of using social media to promote your business.

fashion social media captions

Challenges Most Fashion Designers Face With Social Media 

A lot of professionals in the fashion industry find it hard to maximize the benefits of social media and you are probably in the same shoes as well. How boldly you are able to answer YES to the following questions will determine your success when using social media to grow your fashion business:

  1. Do You Have The Time?

As a fashion designer, a lot of things are competing for your attention. You want to create the latest designs for upcoming seasons, prepare samples for buyers or collections for fashion shows, oversee your team of designers, and market your designs.

Amidst trying to create time for your family, planning a new launch, emailing customers, fending off deadlines, and so on, can you really afford to be consistent on social media?

  • Are Your Days Stress-free?

If you are like some fashion designers, you also don’t normally struggle to get inspired to write wonderful fashion captions on your social media profiles. However, sometimes it will be so much easier if the stress from a long day at work doesn’t get in your way.

Exhaustion can suck all post ideas out of you and leave you wondering if it actually takes that long to write a single post. Does it not happen to you?

fashion captions

  • Do You Always Know What To Post?

You know that you can’t just post anything. You know you have to choose the right topic that will give value to your audience, help you engage and connect with them and also drive sales. You also know you can’t simply post anything randomly without a goal in mind but writing isn’t for everyone.

Is writing your kinda thing?

  • Do You Have A Content Strategy In Place?

You really want to post something exciting on social media but why do you only end up staring at a blank screen, waiting for a sudden burst of inspiration? After hours of brainstorming post ideas, you finally decide to put it off until tomorrow.


This is because you have no content strategy.

  • Can You Afford A Copywriter?

Companies hire a copywriter and get a social media team.  However, is your fashion brand there yet? For now, can you afford thousands of dollars to hire a copywriter or put together a social media team for your fashion brand?


Ultimately, why do people fail at creating a good digital presence for their businesses?

It’s because of the lack of consistency.

Not being consistent presents your brand as careless and unprofessional and this will have a negative impact on your fashion brand’s image. When your social media posts are not consistent, people find it hard to verify the genuineness of your brand. This further makes it harder to convert them into loyal customers.

When your contents are not in line with your brand, you will most likely confuse your audience which can result in missed opportunities when it comes to resonating with your audience and creating a strong brand image.

Inconsistency may also make your audience raise an eyebrow at the originality of your business. This can make it difficult to have them trust your brand.

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How Can You Overcome This Inconsistency Issue?

Fashion social media toolkit is a shortcut that allows you to brand your social media profiles, with designed captions exclusively customized for YOUR OWN fashion brand. You will get access to unique, grab-and-go evergreen fashion content to engage, educate, inspire, convert and drive sales.

wow your online audience

What You Will Get…

The post ideas are arranged into 6 categories – or “content buckets” – designed to help you increase your social media engagement, audience, and revenue.

The following are what you will get:

  • 30 Promote Captions: To promote your products in a manner that does not sound salesy – with a call to action.
  • 30 Inspire Captions: To inspire your audience about being bold and confident with fashion.
  • 30 Connect Captions: To connect you with your audience by helping you share your personal struggles, life, and work experience that your social media followers can relate to.
  • 30 Educate Captions: To enlighten your audience about what they should know about the fashion world.

fashion social media toolkitBonuses

  • 30 Engage Captions: Get fashion-related questions that your audience will be tempted to respond to. This increases your engagement on social media.
  • Popular Social Media Holiday List (May, June, July) –
  • 3 Months Holiday Captions (May, June, July) – Your content calendars include over 150 popular social media holidays and special observances in relation to Fashion.
  • 90-Day Content Calendar – With the content calendar, you can brainstorm and maintain consistency. This gives you loads of flexibility as you’re planning and creating your content. Every week the calendar cycles through the 6 content buckets (Inspire, Ask, Connect, Convert, Evergreen, and Educate). The calendar keeps you organized and on track. It will help you plan your social media marketing strategy and track your performance.
  • Ultimate Guide To Social Media Branding For Fashion Businesses (PDF) – The eBook bonus teaches you everything you need to know about branding your fashion business on social media.

fashion social media toolkit

Why Do You Need The Fashion Social Media Toolkit?

You need this toolkit for the following reasons:

  1. Consistency- No more getting stuck or overwhelmed. You will no longer wait to feel inspired or search for inspiration to post. It will help you to consistently add value to your audience and the engage captions are designed to improve your engagement.
  2. Saves You Time & Stress – You will get to say goodbye to the question of “what should I share?” The toolkit helps you cut your social media planning in half.
  3. Boost Your Social Media Presence – With the cohesive and strategic content and loads of flexibility at planning and creating them, your social media consistency will drastically improve, which will boost your social media presence.
  4. Access To Buckets Of Great Content Captions Written For You – A month’s worth of posts in less than 1 hour! You have 5 designed captions to choose from every day, you can never run out of ideas. You no longer have to post the same things on all your social media networks.
  5. Achieve social media branding –If you combine the eBook (Ultimate Guide to Social Media Branding for Fashion Businesses PDF) with our Fashion Social Media Toolkit Customized Plan, you will elevate your brand identity and are guaranteed to become a popular fashion brand on social media.

Fashion Social media toolkitBenefits of Social Media Branding For Your Fashion Business

Not all businesses are aware of the huge roles social media marketing plays in businesses. While maintaining consistency and the strategies may seem overwhelming, the benefits cannot be overstated.

The following are the benefits of getting intentional with social media for your fashion business:

  1. Warm Up Your New Audience

When people have not interacted with your brand before, they are regarded as a cold audience. A lot of caution has to be taken in dealing with cold audiences because the first impression you give either turns them away from your brand or makes them a repeat customer.

But social media has provided tools and tactics that make it easy to warm up a cold audience. You can easily do this by creating an interesting Facebook video ad.

  1. Build Lasting Relationship With Your Followers

Social media marketing is not about selling and promoting alone. It is way more than that. When you check successful fashion brands, you will find out that they connect and engage with their audiences, respond to comments, and answer questions.

Ask your audience questions about how you can improve your product to make life easier for them. You can build trust via this method, and they feel valued and cared for.

fashion social media toolkit

  1. Generates More Conversions & Leads

Social media platforms allow you to generate leads for your fashion brand. This can be achieved via paid or unpaid tactics to boost conversions. Generating leads via social media will help people identify your business, and can act as a bridge to the potential customers to convert them to loyal ones.

Generating leads can be used for both B2B or B2C businesses. It nurtures the relationship between you and your customers and helps turn your prospects into customers leading to conversion.

Fashion brands using lead generation strategies on social media are always able to achieve good results.

  1. Gives You Insight Into What Your Competitors Are Doing

For new startups, there is a lot you can learn from your competitors. Monitor your competitors, check what is and what is not working for them. Tracking your competitors should be a vital part of the social media marketing strategy for both startups and existing fashion brands.

Understanding your competitors will help you identify any wrong approach you are using and areas they are failing in. Develop a clear picture of other fashion brands in the market so you can learn from their mistakes and know how to outsmart them.

Once that is done, a social media tool can be used to monitor their activities. This would open ways for opportunities for your brand.

  1. Gives You Insight Into What Your Competitors Are Doing

It can be cost-effective for you to promote your brand on social media. This is because you don’t pay any amount to create a profile on most of these social platforms.  A business interested in what people say about its brand focuses on social media conversations, and relevant mentions.

While a business with an interest in its performance would be focused on its engagement, sales, and reach.


During the advent of social media marketing for businesses, the sole aim was to generate traffic. But today, it has developed into more than just a platform to generate traffic. Strategies can be put in place to converse with potential customers, or even to expand the reach of the services you are offering.

The Fashion Social Media Toolkit is aimed at helping reduce media costs, increase leads with organic traffic and build your online reputation and generally maximize the benefits of social media for your fashion brand.

This way, you will be able to reduce the time you spend on social media by 90%. You don’t have to worry about what to post on social media for the next 90 days and you have 6 different captions and designed to choose from every day.

So you don’t have to worry about your competitors getting the guide and posting the exact thing you choose.

Learn more about the Fashion Social Media Toolkit.

Join Fashion Social Media Facebook community to get a sneak peek into the Fashion Social Media Toolkit and a chance to win 10 free customized social media captions + designs exclusively for your own fashion business.

You will also learn how to:

  • be valuably consistent on social media
  • achieve social media branding for your fashion business
  • create fashion social media captions
  • get actionable tips to freshen up your existing social media marketing strategies

We look forward to seeing you join us.

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