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Lessons From Top Fashion Influencers – 15 Best Ways To Become One

Lessons From Top Fashion Influencers

Is there really a need to take lessons from top fashion influencers to grow your own career in the fashion industry? Aren’t they all about posting pictures on Instagram to get likes and all? Fashion influencing may look like a profession that requires little or no effort, yet it is not for everyone. The truth is, it takes a strong network of supporters to make a successful influencer.

An influencer’s life is not as easy as it seems. They are professionals at using the digital world and undergo constant learning between changing trends and new tools on the internet. Hence, there are lessons from top fashion influencers that could be beneficial to you.

If you are a fashion lover or aspiring to become a fashion influencer, a sure way to learn is by keeping up with the influencers’ world. Let’s get you acquainted with top fashion influencers, their fields, and major life lessons to learn from them.

15 Lessons From Top Fashion Influencers You Can Incorporate Into Your Lifestyle Too

1. Amy Bell

Amy bell, fashion influencerAmy Bell, known as Little magpie, is a fashion blogger and influencer with a large following of 146 thousand followers. She promotes fashion items on her blog and she has always worked from home.

According to her, working from home initially took up lots of her time. She practically spent a larger part of her time behind her work desk. After a while, she found easier ways to get things done. 

8 Lesson From Amy

As shared by her during an interview:

  • Shower and get dressed like you will on a normal workday. It does not have to be smart clothes. “I wear minimal or no makeup”, she said.
  • Schedule your bigger tasks for your own productive time. Don’t force those tasks on yourself. Decide your own schedule; earlier or in the day or later in the day. It depends on what works best for you.
  • Set work hours you can stick to. Amy related that she used to start work at 7 am in the morning until 1 am when she started her blogging career. This does no wonders for your health or posture, work efficiently within those hours set for work.
  • Decide whether it is a daily or weekly to-do list that works for you. Press tasks together at the top and list the smaller, less urgent tasks after that. You will feel more productive when your biggest tasks are ticked off your lists.
  • Have a little stretch or walk about every 15 minutes. Set an alarm if you have to.
  • Never keep your phone beside you. “I have learned this the hard way”, said Amy. Keep your phone over a worktop where you can’t easily reach it. You will realize you can get over the temptation of reaching out to your phone at intervals.
  • Make sure you keep in contact with the world outside your home. Schedule a facetime or skype with a friend, family. Choose a voice note over text when you can. Do it your way but ensure you reach out to people for your own sanity.
  • Do not do chores that you would not be able to do if you were at an office. It makes you lose concentration and eats into your working day.

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2. Emma Hill

Emma HillEmma Hill is a fashion blogger with a following of 738 thousand. Her blog was formerly named EJ Style in 2008 when she initially started blogging.

She created the blog as a creative outlet where she could express her opinion and style on fashion.

The blog has always represented her voice as she used it in inspiring, sharing, and connecting with people all over the world.

She has garnered lots of experience from working with so many brands


The fashion blogger was almost a professional surfer but she had an accident, stopped surfing, and found another way. Don’t give up. No one is programmed to be passionate about only one thing in life. You can be anything you want. Learn about the fashion world inside out and it won’t be hard for you to pick up interest and develop the needful. 

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3. Phil Cohen

Lessons from top fashion influencers 2021Phil Cohen, the founder of the fashion blog, “thepacman82” is a male fashion influencer. He is an Art Director at a graphic design agency.

What started as snapshots of his daily outfits transformed into a passion. He now has one of the most followed men Instagram’s fashion accounts and has worked with many brands.

Despite being an Art Director, Phil was unshaken in his quest to inspire people with his outfits.


You can be more than one thing. Don’t limit or restrain yourself.

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4. Jenn Im

Popular fashion vbloggerJenn made her start as a fashion influencer on YouTube with her best friend Sarah in 2010. She moved on with the channel alone in 2011 when she transferred to a university away from home.

Her vlog was “Clothes Encounter”, which she coined from one of her favorite stores called, clothes contact. She owns a fashion line called Eggie.

The Youtube fashion influencer started influencing  as a hobby. Now she has turned her fun into a career that got her an invitation to New York Fashion and a fashion brand for herself.


She probably would have gotten discouraged or less motivated when it became just her alone but she didn’t give up. Feeling alone while following your dream shouldn’t be a reason to quit. That phase will pass and it will be worth it.

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5. Moss Onyi

Lessons I learned from top fashion influencers on social mediaMoss Onyi is a self-taught fashion, travel and lifestyle writer. She is also a self-taught photographer; something she accidentally picked up when she was unemployed. Today, she has carved a name for herself in the fashion world.

As a Nigerian, she had to deal with costly visa and lots of rejections that she had to abandon her travel plans for a while. She didn’t lazy around when she was unemployed and has taught herself to be everything she is today.


You can be whatever you want to be. When things aren’t going as planned,

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6. Hadiza Lawal

Nigeria fashion influencerHadiza Lawal is a fashion and food content creator. She treats both equally despite having an amazing sense of fashion.

I played around a lot in the kitchen and I got comments on how to make some dishes and where I shopped for my clothes“.

So, she continues to intentionally feed her followers with amazing content.

According to Hadiza,  it hasn’t been easy for her to combine her 9-5 job with being a content creator but she reminds herself that nothing comes easy.


Hadiza advises us that trends are not for everybody and they die quickly. So, invest in timeless pieces that work for you.

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7. Grace Alex

Fashion influencers to learn from in 2021Grace Alex is a fashion blogger and the brain behind Gafa Sandals, a Nigerian footwear brand. The fashion blogger shares her growth journey through fashion and lifestyle. She writes, bakes, and enjoys curating home goods for minimal spaces. Also, she gives tips on how to grow a brand on Instagram and maximizing it as a business tool.


She advised that for every young person running a business, originality is key and you should reach out to your audience in ways they can relate to.

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8. Maryam Salam

On fashion social mediaMaryam Salam is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator. She grew up in France and moved to the UK where she studied for her first degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding. She started blogging in 2017, and her style and quality of content have evolved since then.

Maryam found the blogger point community. This is a platform aimed at bringing bloggers together and creating daily inspiring content to help bloggers stay motivated.

In early 2019, Maryam started taking her personal brand seriously and mapped out a strategy on how to share her story online.

She launched her brand Arewa Scarves, a social enterprise providing high-quality scarves to suit every skin tone and donating 1 British Pound from every sale to Global Hope Integrated Empowerment (an NGO in Nigeria for women and children). Maryam impacts the world with her brand. And she is doing it all with style, grace, and guts.


Maryam is obviously an influencer worthy of being emulated. Her brand is directed at meeting the demand of every skin tone, but it does not end there. She also contributes to an NGO from every sale made. Making impacts with style.

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9. Betty

Forever Yours Betty is a Scottish-based fashion and lifestyle blog. The blog supports bright colors and personal style. The brand started as a pop-up vintage shop in 2011 and became one of the most respected fashion brands in Scotland.

lessons you can learn from top fashion influencersBetty started the little vintage shop with two of her friends. Each garment that they sold came with a story attached to it. They started a blog and not long after that, sales went downhill. The fun derived from having a slice of the internet for herself kept her going.

Despite the setback she had with her vintage shop, she kept pushing on. Now, she has carved a name for herself in the fashion industry and has a following of 61 thousand.


Before Betty created a name for herself in the fashion industry, she had series of bad times, but this never got her discouraged. She kept pushing on and worked her way to the top.

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10. Tess Daly

Tess Daly is a 32-year beauty and fashion influencer with spinal muscular atrophy which makes her rely on a wheelchair. She started her Instagram account to share snapshots of her daily life. Things changed for Tess when she got a bionic arm from a crowdfund.

https://www.instagram.com/tess.daly/?hl=enAfter getting the bionic arm, she realized she could do certain aspects of her own makeup again and started documenting her progress.

“I’ll be totally honest, I never did before. I never realized how key it was for me in keeping me busy. Lockdown has proven to me that without the makeup, and without my outlet, my passion, and my creativity, I would struggle.”

Now she has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with the biggest names in the beauty and fashion industry.


Tess could have continued relying on others to do her makeup. But she was not willing to be limited by her disability. She got herself the bionic arm which has brought her to the point she is today.

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11. Rosey Beeme

Fashion InfluencerRosey Beeme is a fashion Instagram influencer who shares fashion inspiration and recommendations on size-inclusive brands.

Growing up, she was self-conscious and timid about her body. Rosey also noticed the aversion to fat bodies by designers which stood out as a phobia.

Hence, she started sharing personal experiences and noticed for the first time in her life, she was sharing her fat perspective and not her fat body.

Now, the fashion Instagram influncer could have conversations about her body with others and she has been gracing updating her followers with amazing outfit ideas.


Rosey had always dealt with the challenges of being very curvy. She noticed how designers left out the plus-sized, and this sparked her interest in being a fashion influencer for curvy women.

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12. Alexa Chung

top fashion influencersAlexa Chung is a well-known fashion designer with incredible charisma and style. She also has a fashion brand named after her. Alexa was spotted by a modeling agency at the age of 16. She moved through the fashion ranks in a meteoric rise.

Widely lauded for her style, she has always been the match for brands looking to reach a new audience. She presents her personally used things for auction and donates money to poor people. Beauty with a good heart.


Age could have been a limiting factor for Alexa. But it was a different story, she was able to beat every hurdle that came with it and now she is highly regarded in the fashion industry.

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13. Danielle Bernstein

fashionistaDanielle Bernstein is a fashion influencer with a clothing line called Shop WeWoreWhat. The fashion influencer has 2.6 million followers. She started her blog as a student at the age of 18. She has since collaborated with designers, launched many brands, and even wrote a book about her story.

Danielle has so many controversies surrounding her name as her fashion career took off, especially after a collaboration with Lulu DK. The controversies and backlash faced by Danielle were enough for her to quit but she had always proved all those accusations false. Her career has not stopped paying high.


You are not too young to start.

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14. Julia Berolzheimer

Fashion Influencers to followJulia Berolzheimer is a fashion influencer and blogger with 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She dresses in a very feminine, modern, and unique style.

Julia has something to say to us about fear:

  1. Question: Why are you fearful?

Answer: Because I am scared of failure.

  1. Question: Why are you so scared to fail?

Answer: Because it is embarrassing. It means I was not good enough.

  1. Question: Why do you care about embarrassing yourself?

Answer: Because I care about what people think of me.

  1. Question: Why should what people think of you impact what you do?

            Answer: It should not but I let it.


Your decisions are up to you and you need to build confidence in yourself to make them. The people who care about you will support your decisions. If you fail, that is okay. Learn from your failures and keep trying.

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15. Nicolette Mason

lessons from top fashion influencers on instagramNicolette Mason is a contributing fashion writer with over 12 years. She shares her personal style snaps, travel, and all the things she loves and focuses on body positivity, diversity, and sustainability.

The fashion writer works independently as a creative consultant with brands and now one of the most influential voices addressing the plus-size fashion market. She channeled her energy into fashion and practiced DIY fashion.


The fashion industry norms do not conform with plus-size influencers. It appears like there was no place for her there and she was told she had to lose weight to fit in. However, she found her voice when she started her blog and her readers could not get enough of her.


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To be afloat in the fashion industry, you need to put in the work because it can get overwhelming sometimes.  Originality is another key factor. As a fashion lover, keep note of these lessons from top fashion influencers, have a role model(s) in the fashion industry, create value for your audience and be yourself.

The content of this article teaches lessons from top fashion influencers.

So! Which one among these fashion influencers have you learned the most from?

Which lessons from the top fashion influencers resonate with you?

Share with us in the comment section.

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